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There is a revolution: A CAKE REVOLUTION. 
It's here in Palmerston North - 
you can be part of it!

Let's face it – dessert happens... 
But what if desserts could be a thank you to your body? 
Our vision is to craft desserts that pack a 
nutritional punch, 
keep your blood sugar balanced 
bliss out your tastebuds.

No gluten, eggs, dairy or soy in sight.

Eaten Alive desserts are packed with raw, activated nuts & seeds, 
organic virgin coconut oil & cacao butter, pure tahitian vanilla extract, 
superfood powders, fruits & hidden vegetables.

We're all about delivering 
highly bioavailable fuel to your body. 
We don't use refined flours or sugars, artificial colours, 
flavours, or preservatives.


Packed full of 
natural, wholefood & organic ingredients, 
and hand-crafted with love and care, you can trust 
that your body is getting a dose of goodness 
with every decadent bite.

Join us, let's see what cake can do... 
Changing the world, one cake at a time.